Philosophies and Goals

Individualized Instruction

I provide instruction to best meet your child's learning styles and educational needs. I pull from a variety of resources, research, and best practices to build a program specific to each student's needs. Whether your child needs extra support in reading, writing, math, or study skills, I can provide an environment to help them develop the skills and confidence they need to be successful and confident.

Strengths and Challenges

I focus my attention and create my program to help students build upon their strengths and to improve in the areas where they are challenged. I strive to help students become aware of their strengths, challenges, and learning styles and to be responsible self-advocates.


Student growth and progress is measured in a variety of ways including specific tests as well as observations of their learning behaviors, attitudes about learning, and self-confidence. I also greatly appreciate feedback from parents about their observations of their child's work at home.

Parent Involvement

There are many fun, easy ways to support your child's learning at home. I will provide ongoing communication and resources to support your child's progress. I am always happy to answer questions or concerns that you may have or provide advice or resources.


Individual tutoring is $60 an hour.

In order to provide the an individualized program for your child, I spend a minimum of one hour outside of the tutoring time to create engaging lessons and reflect on the results of each session.

Note: If this price would be a financial burden on your family, please contact me to see if an alternate payment arrangement can be made.


After the completion of the first tutoring session, I require a contract to ensure we are on the same page about the details of our tutoring arrangement.